Male Extra Review – Male Enhancement pills that work fast


Male Extra Review – Male Enhancement pills that work fast

Same situation

How many times have you tried to find male enhancement pills that work fast but found yourself unsatisfied?

Have you ever experienced negative times during your sexual performance? Or maybe you want to have a bigger penis and long-lasting erection time?

If these questions are similar to those you have, then you will find answers in a minute!

This article is all about how did I found a solution to my erection issues!

Actually, it doesn’t matter if you are in your 20’s, 30’s, or even senior age. If I did it, you can too! So keep reading…

I am FredFirst, I am Fred.

Now I am 37 years old and I want to share my short story about how I came to where I am today and how I found erection size increase pills which change my sexual life!

Long story short. In my early 30’s I didn’t know what happened to my body, but I felt like I got a block with my sexual life.

At that point of time, I thought that some people might be going through what I went through, as I felt like I have lost my libido and got to the point where I had strong problems with my erection.


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  7. Does Male Extra works!? FEEDBACK & TESTIMONIALS
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Bad Experience in Bed!?

Each time I had a sexual act I didn’t felt concentrated and always was thinking about what was happening downstairs.

You might think that there are cases with mental or health-related problems.

But honestly, at that point, I didn’t know what was happening to me.

In fact, physically I felt alright.

Every week I had 3 workout sessions at the gym, so definitely that’s was not the issue.

However, failure had followed me all the time, so I kept over thinking things.

Luckily, I was not married back then, so I thought that finding a steady partner will change the game.

So, within three weeks I’ve changed 2 partners, but the problem remained.

I have started searching, reading forums and blogs, bought different books, supplements and even went to the psychiatrist regarding my sexual performance anxiety.

All on in all, I ended up with a mind that I had a mental block. But…

Male Extra Review Nervous and Frustrated Man

By browsing the internet I have found plenty of methods:  penis stretching, enlargement methods, penis extenders and many more.

None of them worked as I want it, so I was not satisfied and surely my girlfriend wasn’t too.

I thought to myself, that I have an issue and I must solve it as soon as possible.

After few unsuccessful stories, I felt too nervous and began overcomplicating things in my head.

My girlfriend encouraged me and kept me optimistic, but I felt even more nervous after that.

You might think how did I found the solution? Well…

Feeling frustration and anxiety became stressful for me and I thought to myself that the problem might be in my partner’s dissatisfaction.

I kept over thinking things and this lead to even lower sexual performance. So, I went to the doctor.

The doctor said that physical level is good and the problem lies in my emotional and mental dissatisfaction. But could know the reason.

Later, after analyzing my past relationship, I found the issue! The case was with my ex-girlfriend. She was not satisfied with my sexual performance in bed, so we broke up.

She never told me what was wrong: my erection duration, penis size or something else…

I haven’t felt worried about it, as I know I am quite handsome men and I can easily find a new partner. But the issue remained hidden even when I found a new girlfriend.

One of my close friends advised me to try something new and get new experience in my sexual life to increase my libido.

Guess what? He was right!

All the methods I tried before were not for me, so I followed his advice and bought penis enlargement pills that he advised.

At first, I was quite skeptical about it, but later game has changed!

Life changing moment with Male enhancement pills that work fast!

Success and Happiness Male and Female

When I found male enhancement pills that work fast, my life has changed dramatically.

After few weeks of using those, I became a real stallion in bed and all the problems were gone.

You might think, so easy and fast? Not true!? In my scenario, it was!

Maybe that was an influence of my ex-girl on me. Or maybe that was my feelings and attitude, but I felt not satisfying females as I wanted.

So, after consumption of those pills for a quite short time I got longer erection time.

I have continued to consume pills and after a while, I have noticed an increase in my penis size during erection time.

Actually, I couldn’t believe that my sexual life has changed! I don’t remember a moment when I was more satisfied as I was back then!

For this reason, I do want to share my experience and make a review of pills that I found.

To start with my male extra review I want to say thank you to these incredible pills that I used ever since and enjoy my increased libido.

I do believe that if with my mental disorder I did found a solution! I have to share it and help others.


What are those pills? It’s Male Extra

Male Extra Review
Male Extra Review

Male Extra is male enhancement pills that work fast.

Male Extra is a libido and penis enhancing product that does impressive things for your penis size and its performance.

It was produced and sold by Wolfson Berg Limited company. With over 30 years of experience in health industry company became a leading manufacturer of male enhancement products.

In 2009 Male Extra won the nomination as the best penis pill product for a male.

Afterward, in 2013 the product formula was updated that has made it even better and more effective.


The manufacturer claims that you will get:

  • Sexual health – increase in sexual performance and drive
  • Longer and stronger penis – boosts erection quality and size
  • Expand your physical power – get a longer erection and more control
  • Help with male erectile dysfunction and potency issues
  • Only natural ingredients included
  • Manufacture by leading Health and supplements company, rated as a top in US and UK
  • With 3 pills daily – no complications are known
  • Effectiveness based on numerous Clinical Studies, resulting to be the most potent enhancers for male

How does Male Extra – Male Enhancement Pills that work fast work?

Satisfying sex relies on a hard, good and long-lasting erection.

Erection relies on blood flow, so male enhancement pills that work fast does bring blood to penis fast.

Natural ingredients help to increase the size and sustainability of penis.

Male Enhancement Penis Erection

But let’s dig deep into more scientific details.

Two main ingredients, the Pomegranate ellagic acid and L-Arginine increase nitric oxide in your whole body.

Nitric oxide works as a relaxer and widener for your the blood vessels in the “corpora cavenosa area” of your penis.

As a result, this brings a high increase in penis size and stronger and more effective control of your erection.

Actually, that’s not all.

The high increase in blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients much quicker to your cells, boosting stamina and delaying fatigue during sex.

Also, the manufacturer states that after long usage of Male Extra enhancement pills, which is around 3-6 months, their average consumer gains from 0.8 inch to 2.5 inches increase.

Based on my experience using Male Extra for more than 5 months I have gained around 1.4inch increase in erection size – Females were happy.

Of course, results may vary, but I would expect that results could be around 0.8 inches to 1.6 inches after 6 months of use.

In my opinion, it is a great result for the male enhancement pills that work fast, but you have to try it to see it’s performance on your body.


Male Extra Review Ingredients

Male Extra Ingredients
Male Enhancement pills that work fast

In Male Extra Review I also all 7 ingredients which are inside the pills. Combination of all seven contributes to your sexual performance to skyrocket.

Serving size: 3 Pills (day)

Ingredients per serving: L-arginine HCL (600mg), Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid )500mg), MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) (100mg), L-Methionine (100mg), Zinc (as Citrate) (14mg), Cordyceps (25mg) and Niacin (vitamin B3) (18g)

  1. L-Arginine HCL is an amino acid which after consumption is converted into nitric oxide. There are plenty of clinical studies that showed the impact and effectiveness of male sexual performance and erection. In one of the studies reports, more than 35% of men with erectile dysfunction said that they have experienced a high increase in growth and stamina during erection time. All these results were based on daily consumption of L-Arginine for over a month. What is more important, in a different study, after six weeks, another 30 percent of men were capable to maintain and gain an ability to have better and longer sexual performance and erection. As a result, for men who want to have a stable and strong erection, the dosage of L-Arginine was set to 600mg per daily serving!


  1. Pomegranate Extracts. Pomegranate contains large amounts of antioxidants, which increase blood flow. Based on the study, people who used to drink pomegranate juice during 90 days period has an increased blood circulation. Another study discovered that pomegranate antioxidant-rich ellagic acid delays fatigue during physical exercise. In men case, it positively impacts the duration of sexual performance and erection time. What is more important, that consumption of pomegranate juice increase protection of nitric oxide from damage, which is responsible for the effectiveness of blood blow in our body.


  1. MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane). MSM is a supporting mineral both for your cell and tissue health. It’s organic form sulfur positively affects blood flow. Also, MSM is one of the main elements which supports the production of strong and healthy cells. Which works as a stimulation for your penis growth and erection by making cells stronger and getting an ability to hold more blood inside the cell.


  1. L-Methionine is a helpful amino acid which boosts the duration of sexual performance and prevents fast ejaculation by lowering histamine levels. Fundamentals of histamine are in its role in achieving fast ejaculation during the sexual act. L-Methionine blocks the conversation of histidine into histamine, so it blocks your fast ejaculation. The key result of this effect on your body is an ability to have longer lasting sexual act.


  1. Zinc is an essential mineral for men testosterone level. With the daily usage of Zinc, the testosterone level will double in around 20 weeks time. However, without consumption of this mineral testosterone level will decrease significantly by around 65-75 percent in a matter of 5-6 months. In fact, one study discovered that lack of Zinc in body diminish libido. As a result, Male Extra provides Zinc as Citrate, as it is verified as one of the best zinc absorbing sources.


  1. Cordyceps is an essential and natural type of fungus which is used for thousands of years as a sexual performance booster. This fungus is widely used in Chinese medicine. The study shows that two elements deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acid influence our brain as a sexual elevator.


  1. Niacin. In fact, it is a Vitamin B3, which increases your body blood flow by expanding and relaxing blood vessels. Also, Niacin has an effect on our stamina by decreasing tiredness and fatigue in bed. The study shows that by consuming Niacin have better results on men erectile functions than placebo pills.



Male Extra Review – Pros and Cons

Positive and Negative sides


  • Bigger, harder and more intensive erection
  • High Increase in libido and sexual performance
  • Last longer and increase erection in bed
  • Drug-free. Only natural components
  • 100% hassle-free and 60-day money back guarantee
  • Natural ingredients ( herb based)
  • Not Expensive
  • No side effects
  • Free Worldwide shipping


  • Can take few days to see the effect
  • Penis enlargement and size increase. As anything else, take time (3-6) months
  • Daily usage. Take 3 pills on a daily basis.


Does Male Extra works!? FEEDBACK & TESTIMONIALS

Male Enhancement pills that work fast

After reading this article you might be quite skeptical about Male Extra enhancement pills that work fast.

At first, I was skeptical too, but when I first read about the result that manufacturer claims I found some truth.

As I always want to double check all the information I find. I have spend some time collecting users testimonials and feedback from different forums and websites.

User: Frog1

“I got a box for 1 month with the SizeGenetics package. I took them every day (3 pills in the morning) and did manual exercises but they did nothing to me. No gain of anything. Maybe you need to take them more than 1 month to see results? Also, I’m skinny and my metabolism is burning things quickly. That may be the reason.“


User:  Nigel

“About 2 years ago I tried some penis pills that did nothing at all. Then a few months ago I found out that pills only work when you exercise. I gave male extra ago because it comes with the exercise program. Results don’t come as quick as you think but I am definitely getting longer and thicker. Top product, love it.“


User:  DoubleLongDaddy

“There is really no difference in the formula but inactive ingredients. If you take a supplement my advice to go with MaleExtra this is special pills that contain everything you need to supplement your gains.”

(video here)

Final Words and Verdict on Male Extra Review


Male Extra is one of the best male enhancement pills that work fast on the market.

I have tested it for quite a long period of time and I am satisfied with the results I’ve got as my sexual performance just skyrocket after few weeks of using it.

To be honest about male extra, the longer you take Male Extra the better results you will get.

If you are still skeptical about it and think that Viagra or something else is a better choice, that I would suggest you think twice.

Viagra might be a quite dangerous supplement for your health which has dozens of ingredient that you might not even know.

When Male Extra is purely natural product!

My Life has changed. My girlfriend is more than satisfied in bed.

More importantly, I am satisfied with the results I have got and the effectiveness I have.

I do believe that you will experience that effect of male extra enhancement pills that work fast!

I did, and I had suggested it to my friends. It is a very good and fast acting supplement for a bigger erection that lasts.

As I was a loyal customer, I always received discounts and promotions. I do believe that if you follow the link below you will get DISCOUNT or a COUPON CODE. Check if it is still available!

Guy pointing down
Male Enhancement pills that work fast


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) – Male Extra Review

First, I have included questions I had before I bought this product.

Secondly, I did a research and found questions people have.

So, keep reading you will find all the answers to your questions and relative information on male enhancement pills that work fast.

Frequently asked questions

How to use Male Extra? How long it last if consume 3 pills a day?

  • Take 3 capsules every day with breakfast or another meal. One bottle for 30 days (90 pills – 3 each day)

How fast can I expect results?

  • The result might vary due to people body difference. Usually, it takes 1-4 weeks to see the results.

Does it really work?

  • It worked for me! I got bigger and longer erection. I did find many people who left positive reviews about this product.

What results have other people had?

  • Of course, results vary. But, with a daily consumption during erection, you will notice penis increase of 0.6-2.5 inches within 3-6 months.

Will I lose my results if I stop taking Male Extra?

  • To be honest – NOT really. It all depends on your body, but I have used these pills for a couple of months, and later I did a break for around a month. I haven’t noticed any sufficient decrease in size, but due to reduced blood flow, I had a slight decrease in stamina. However, if you stop taking Male Extra result will come back to normal.

What are the side effects?

  • I have not noticed something wrong or confusing happening to me and my body. Male Extra team ensures that all ingredients are natural, so there is only positive impact on our organism.

If I use other Medications, can I use Male Extra?

  • As Male Extra is made from natural ingredients their team ensures the safety of its consumptions. But their team recommend seeing a doctor if you take other medication to find out is it suitable for you.

I’m senior age. Can I use Male Enhancement pills that work fast?

  • This product is suitable for men of all ages. Bases on studies, senior citizens experience an increase in libido and improvement in sexual performance. However, if you take other medications you should have a consultation with your doctor.

Returns and Guarantees? 

Male Extra comes with hassle-free 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it back and make Male Extra Review.

What is the price?

  • Usually, they have promotions and discounts. Example: “first bottle with a discount” or “buy 4 get 2 for free”.

Click the link and find if Discount is still available: Male Extra Review.

How can I order these pills?

  • Click the link and go to a product page. Click Here for Male Extra.


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